I am a mum who already works and wanted to incorporate something I found interesting into my life and so was born Heidi’s Holistic Room!

I began learning about Reflexology in 2017, completed my 100 case studies through the summer and qualified by the Winter.

I found it fascinating how accurate the findings could be and how the treatment can help people.

I then qualified in Swedish Massage in early 2019, enabling me to offer combined treatments of both Reflexology and massage which proved very popular.

I decided that in order to fully treat the body it would be useful to learn about the face too, so I learnt Facial Reflexology in August 2020 and then Advanced Facial Reflexology, which I completed in February 2021.

My latest achievement is learning Facial Cupping, which is dubbed as the natural alternative to Botox. It has had some fantastic results, come and see for yourself !